3.3. Upgrading the SysOrb Server

This chapter describes the steps necessary to upgrade you SysOrb server to version 3.6.0.

If you are running SysOrb 2.6.x or 2.4.x you simply upgrade by stopping the SysOrb server, installing the new package, and starting the new SysOrb server afterwards. No database conversion is needed. However to get the most use of the new NodeClass features, we recommend that you import the default NodeClasses shipped with SysOrb 3.0.

3.3.1. Importing the default NodeClasses

SysOrb 3.0 ships with some default NodeClasses. These classes provides an example of how one can use the NodeClasses to create a hierarchy that can identify many different kinds of machines. Many of the default NodeClasses also contain information about how SysOrb can automatically discover whether a given node belongs to the NodeClass.

Note: You can only import the default NodeClasses when you have upgraded your SysOrb Server to at least version 3.0. Also note, that if you started with SysOrb 3.0, the NodeClasses are included in the default database.

To import the default NodeClasses you must use the command:

sysorb-importer -l username -f nodeclasses.xml

In most Unix systems the sysorb-importer program is located in the path. On Mandrake systems the program is located in /opt/sysorb-server/bin, and on Windows systems they are located in C:\Program Files\SysOrb Server\. The nodeclasses.xml is located in the same directory as the SysOrb database files. On most unix systems this is in /var/sysorb (Mandrake is /var/opt/sysorb-server). On Windows it is C:\Program Files\SysOrb Server\Config.

Upon execution, the sysorb-importer will ask you about the password for the username specified on the command line. Once entered the program will import all the NodeClasses and when it is finished, you can access the NodeClasses from the SysOrb Web Interface.

3.3.2. Upgrading from earlier than 3.0.3

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than 3.0.3, you must upgrade to SysOrb 3.0.3 or SysOrb 3.2 before you can proceed with the upgrade to the current version.

Upgrades from version 2.2.x: If you are running SysOrb version 2.2.x, please see the administrators guide for SysOrb 3.0.3 or SysOrb 3.2 for specific notes regarding the upgrade.

Because of various updates to the structure of the SysOrb database, the current version of SysOrb requires that the database has been upgraded to at least version 3.0.3 before the automatic upgrade procedure can continue. Once you have SysOrb 3.0.3 or SysOrb 3.2 running with your database, you can upgrade SysOrb to the current version. SysOrb will then automatically update your database.