3.5. Upgrading LogChecks from SysOrb 2.4.0

The LogChecks configuration has changed between SysOrb version 2.4.0 and 2.4.1. This means that any LogChecks configured on a version 2.4.0 system must be manually reconfigured on the new version in order to work after upgrading.

In version 2.4.0 all configuration data including paths to logfiles and matching rules was defined on the agent in the log configuration file (default: log.conf), specified in the agent configuration (default: agent.conf). This would make the log files available for monitoring on the SysOrb Server.

In version 2.4.1 and up only the paths for the logfiles to monitor is defined in the log configuration file. The matching rules configuration has been moved to the SysOrb server. Furthermore, the LogCheck logic has been much improved. This means you have a few more configuration options.

In order to move version 2.4.0 LogChecks to version 2.4.1 you need to do the following after upgrading your SysOrb server (See the User's Guide and Section 8.5 for more information on LogChecks):

Be sure to read the User's Guide and Section 8.5 for more information the LogChecks and the enhanced configuration options.