9.4. Getting started with remote monitoring

You can specify, either on a check-by-check basis, per node, or per domain, from which grid GID SNMPChecks and NetChecks should be performed. In order to get started with your satellite quickly, we suggest that you enter the configuration page for the exported domain, using the web interface on your master station, and specify that all checks should be performed on the GID of the satellite. Enter "Configure" and "Edit" for the exported domain, in order to do this.

Now, you can run an "Auto discovery" under the exported domain. This will start an auto-discovery process on the remote satellite, and the satellite will then configure any nodes that it discover on the remote network. These nodes will appear as they are found, in the web interface on the master.

From here on, you can add new checks, re-configure the ones already set up, add or delete nodes, etc. etc. All reconfiguration that you perform via. the web interface on the master, will be propagated to the relevant remote satellites. The satellites will report back check results to the master, where you can access the graphs and where alerts can be generated. In fact, as soon as the grid is configured, the day to day administration is very similar to the common setup with only one SysOrb Server, except that you now have the ability to run NetChecks and SNMPChecks efficiently and securely on remote locations.