11.2. sysorb-importer

The sysorb-importer can import XML-data exported from the sysorb-exporter, or XML-data generated by scripts or programs, as long as they use the same format as the sysorb-exporter.

The syntax of the tool is:

sysorb-importer [-h] [-s server] [-p port] [-d domain] -l login [-P password] [-f filename] [-m]


Displays a text on how to use the tool

-s server

Instructs the utility which SysOrb server to connect to. Defaults to the local machine.

-p port

If you SysOrb server uses a non-default port, use this switch.

-d domain

Specifies the domain in which the user that is used for the login is placed.

-l login

The login name of the user.

-P password

The password for the login.

-f filename

This option specifies the output file. If not specified standard out will be used.

-i domain

The domain to import into. I.e. if the users login is in the root domain, and the domain that should be imported into is further down the tree, this option is useful.


When this option is specified, the sysorb-importer does not remove the outmost domain in the XML file, which is done otherwise.