12.5. The listchecks command

listchecks [-o N | i | p | d | n | c ] [-r]

The listchecks command will list the checks of the specified node or domain.

-o N|i|p|d|n|c

This switch controls the produced output. Each of the letters will make the command output a different property of the checks being listed. The order of the letters etermins the order of the output. The letters have the following meanings:


Will display the human readable name for the check.


Will display the ID of the check.


Will display the full path to the check, usable as a parameter for the select or insert commands.


Will display the path to the domain in which the check is located.


Will display the path to the node, on which the check is located.


Will display the path to the check, without the domain and node path.


If this switch is given, not only checks placed on nodes which are directly in the selected domain will be listed, but also checks on nodes in the subdomains. This option has no effect if the path specifies a node instead of a domain.