3.5. Unattended installation on Windows

In order to do an unattended on Windows, one must use the msiexec program from the command line. The basic syntax of an unattended installation is:

msiexec /passive /i sysorb-agent-4.6.0-6039.win7-amd64.amd64.msi

This will install the SysOrb agent using the default configuration options, meaning the SysOrb agent will most likely have to be configured after installation.

To avoid having to configure the SysOrg agent after installation, arguments can be given to the installer changing the default settings. The msiexec can be given properties as Property=PropertyValue on the command line.

The SysOrb agent installer uses a number of properties:

So, in order to do an unattended installation of the SysOrb agent with the name MySysOrbAgent checking in to the server MySysOrbServer disallowing automatic upgrades, one could execute:

msiexec -passive -i sysorb-agent-4.6.0-6039.win7-amd64.amd64.msi AGENTNAME=MySysOrbAgent SERVERLIST=MySysOrbServer AUTOUPGRADE=false