Chapter 5. SysOrb Server Configuration

Table of Contents
5.1. Microsoft Windows NT / 2000
5.2. Unix-like systems (FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris)
5.3. Configuration Options Reference
5.4. Troubleshooting HTTPS/IMAPS/POP3S problems

The SysOrb Server offers a wide range of configuration options for both debugging and troubleshooting, as well as for performance tuning and administrative convenience.

The different ports of the server have similar configuration options, but the actual way in which the configuration options are accessed differ, depending on which platform you are running. On Unix-like systems the configuration is stored in files and on Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 the configuration is stored in the system registry.

After a configuration change, you will have to restart the SysOrb Server service (a complete server reboot is not necessary).

5.1. Microsoft Windows NT / 2000

Server configuration is done in a program called SysOrb Config which can be found in the start menu. This program includes detailed descriptions of each option.

The program is located in the Programs folder specified during the installation.