Chapter 7. SysOrb Web Server Configuration

On Windows it is possible to install a Web Server with a small feature set, that is customized for use with the SysOrb Web Interface. It is provided as an alternative to installing IIS, but for the larger installations the use of IIS is still recommended, because if its larger featureset.

The SysOrb Web Server has few configuration options, and most should be set to reasonable values by the installation program.

7.1. Web Server Configuration Reference

The following sections list the available configuration options for the Web Server. Note that usually the Web Server is ready for use after the installation.

7.1.1. File Options

html_dir (directory)

This option specifies the directory from which the static files should be served.

Default value: install-dir\www

cgi_dir (directory)

This options specifies the directory from which the CGI-programs should be served.

Default value: install-dir\www

cgi_ext (file extension)

The file extension used to determine if a request is for a CGI-program or for a file.

Default value: cgi

index_file (file name)

The name of the file that should be served if no file is specified.

Default value: index.cgi

7.1.2. Logging

log_file (file name)

The name of the file that the Web Server should log to.

Default value: install-dir\error.log

tick_time (seconds)

How often the Web Server should write "MARK" messages to the log file. Use 0 to disable writing of MARK messages

Default value: 0

log_level (integer)

The amount of logging that is written to the log file. Write 0, to disable logging, 3 to only log warning messages, 7 to log warning and informational messages, and 15 to log everything including debug messages.

Default value: 7

log_rotate_time (seconds)

How often the log-file is rotated, in seconds.

Default value:604800 (7 days)

7.1.3. Server/network options

port (integer)

Use this option to set the port number through which the Web Server should be available.

Default value:Determined during the installation

server_string (string)

The server identification string. This string is sent whenever a page is requested from the Web Server. Change this option to make the SysOrb Web Server present itself differently.

Default value: SysOrb Httpd v.4.6.0 build 6039 on Windows NT (IA-32)

max_connections (integer)

The maximum number of open connections to the Web Server. When this number of connections is reached, new connections will not be accepted.

Default value: 32

time_out (seconds)

The number of seconds a connection is allowed to be idle, before the Web Server automatically closes it.

Default value: 60