Chapter 6. SysOrb Web Interface Configuration

The Web Interface needs to know how it can contact the SysOrb Server. Note that the Web Interface can run on any system with network access to the SysOrb Server system and that it does not have to actually run on the same physical machine, although this is by far the most common configuration.

The configuration of the SysOrb Web Interface is stored in /etc/sysorb/cgi.conf on all Unix-like systems, except FreeBSD where the file is stored in /usr/local/etc/sysorb/cgi.conf, and Mandrake where the file is located in /etc/opt/sysorb-server/cgi.conf. On Microsoft Windows configuration is performed by the SysOrb Config program found in the start menu.

6.1. General Web Interface Options

server_list (list of hosts)

The list is a comma-separated list of hostnames, without whitespace. The web interface first tries all the hosts in the list, and then only displays those that answered. If the servers are running on different ports, this can also be specified by adding :portno after the hostname. If no portnumber is given the default is server_port.

Default value: localhost

server_port (integer)

This is the port number on which the SysOrb Server listens for incoming connections. The value should only be changed if the server has been told to use another port number as well. It should not be necessary to change these port numbers, but it is nonetheless possible if needed.

Default value: 3241

default_domain (domain-identifier)

This option specifies which domain should be presented in the domain box on the login page. If this option is unspecified it defaults to the empty string, which is also the root domain.

Default value: . (dot)