5.4. Troubleshooting HTTPS/IMAPS/POP3S problems

The SysOrb Servers SSL support uses the OpenSSL libraries. On all platforms except Windows, it uses the version of OpenSSL that ships with the operating system. This chapter describes how to troubleshoot SSL check problems on the Unix-like platforms.

The most common problem is that the check shows "No Connection" even though the service is accessible. It usually happens because the OpenSSL library is not installed on the host OS. If this is the case, you will be seeing "No connection" errors in the SysOrb Web Interface, and the server log will contain the following message:

Could not load SSL-library. Please check the administrators guide for information 
about how to fix this problem

The first thing to check is that the OpenSSL library is installed on the host OS. How to ensure this can be seen in the list below:

Most Linux and FreeBSD

On the platforms that aren't mentioned below, the SysOrb Server package depends on the OpenSSL package being installed. So if the SysOrb Server package can be installed, the OpenSSL library is also installed.


libssl1.0.0, or newer package should be installed. You can check this by executing the following command:

dpkg -l 'libssl1*'

One of the output lines should start with

and mention one of the package names listed above.

If this is not the case, you should execute the following command to find the newest version of libssl that is available for your system:

apt-cache search libssl1

Then you can install the package by executing:

apt-get install <package name>


On Solaris 11 OpenSSL is provided as a component of the operating system.

It is not necessary to restart the SysOrb Server, if the OpenSSL library was installed while the SysOrb Server was running.

If the OpenSSL library is installed, and SysOrb still cannot find the OpenSSL library, you can specify the exact location of libssl.so (or similar named), by using the libssl server configuration option. See Section 5.3.4 for information about this option.

If you instead get a message stating

Error loading library
Error dynamically loading function
it means that your version of OpenSSL is incompatible with SysOrb. In this case you should either upgrade to a newer version provided by your OS provider, or download the source code from http://openssl.org and compile it by hand. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the OpenSSL homepage. Note that after the installation, it might be necessary to use the libssl to get the SysOrb Server to use the correct version of openssl.