Chapter 7. Views

Table of Contents
7.1. Adding a new view
7.2. Edit a view
7.3. Reconfiguring layout of a view.
7.4. Use a view
7.5. Views and domains

SysOrb graphical view is a unique function that enables the user to easily upload a png image to the SysOrb server. Typically the image would be a geographical map or a typology map of the network. Once an image has been uploaded, the user can chose to ad nodes, checks or domains to the image/map. For example this feature can be used to:

7.1. Adding a new view

To add a new new view, do the following:

After adding a new view you would probably like to edit it, selecting the checks, nodes and domains you want to view.

As we configured earlier that we would like a popup on alert we see it now. The popup tell us the there is an alert on this node. If you press the grey area in the popup you can navigate directly to the node to see what the problem is.