3.2. Users

Each user is, when created, assigned to a specific domain and the user and his or her user rights will be inherited down to any subdomain.

The information stored about a user, can be categorized into three groups. It is either basic information about the user (e.g. name and rights), paths, or preferences.

The basic properties for a user are:

Apart from these basic properties, the user has as set of capabilities, which determine which actions the user are allowed to undertake within SysOrb.

When adding new users to a domain you especially need to be careful with the Allow user to set capabilities user right as this will allow the user to change anything in the domain and its subdomains. The Allow user to view information can in most cases be left at its default setting of On as this user right is what allows the user to actually read the information stored by the SysOrb Network Monitoring System.

3.2.1. Adding users

To add a new user to the SysOrb system, do the following:

3.2.2. Editing users

To edit a user, do the following:

3.2.3. Deleting users

To delete a user, do the following: