Chapter 2. Getting started

Table of Contents
2.1. First Login and default password
2.2. Changing default password
2.3. Auto-discovering Nodes
2.4. Interpreting SysOrb graphs

When you have a SysOrb Server and Web-Interface installed, configured, and running (as described in The Administrator's Guide), you should be ready to log on for the first time. By now you should be able to get the SysOrb Login Screen in your browser. If you do not have this login screen, please consult the Administrator's guide again, or ask for help. From here on we assume that you have a working Web Interface and Server installation.

2.1. First Login and default password

The SysOrb login screen.

The default configuration of the SysOrb Server creates one account. You can use the username and password given below to login to the SysOrb Web Interface running on your SysOrb Server:

You should now see the Overview page, with two domains (Root domain and SysOrb Server). The domain SysOrb Server contains a node representing the SysOrb Server itself, but is currently of little interest.