4.7. NodeViews

Sometimes a specific subset of the NetChecks, AgentChecks and snmpChecks on a node is of particular interest to some people. If a single monitored machine runs both a web server and mail server, it makes sense to put the http response time (NetCheck) along with a log check on the web server error log (AgentCheck) and other check relating to the web service into one group. And put the mail related checks into another group. For these situations SysOrb allows you to group together a subset of the checks on one node, and showing the combined status of these checks on the node overview page with a user specified label.

In SysOrb these subsets are called NodeViews, (the generic Views can contain checks from several nodes, see Chapter 7.) To create a NodeView go to the configuration page for the node and select the NodeViews tab, then click the button Add NodeView. You will then be prompted for a name for the new NodeView, and you will see a list of all NetChecks, AgentChecks and snmpChecks on the node. From this list you can select the checks which are to be members of the NodeView, a single check may be member of multiple NodeViews. After selecting the wanted checks click OK.

After creating your first NodeView you can select Overview to the very left in order to see it. You should see the name of the NodeView above the usual node status box. The icon next to the name shows the worst status of any check in the NodeView. By clicking the name you will be able to see the status of all checks belonging to the NodeView.