Chapter 4. Host/Node Management

Table of Contents
4.1. Monitoring a New Node
4.2. Reconfiguring a Node
4.3. Deleting a Node
4.4. Setting Up Checks
4.5. Dependencies
4.6. NodeClasses
4.7. NodeViews
4.8. MultiCheck graphs
4.9. Moving Nodes between Domains

Being able to configure what checks to run on which nodes is one of the key features in the SysOrb Web Interface. Basically there are three different kinds of checks you can configure:

Before you can configure the SysOrb Server to start monitoring a SysOrb Agent there are a few things you need to set up on the Agent. Please refer to the Administrator's Guide to the SysOrb Network Monitoring System for more information on how to configure a SysOrb Agent to check in to a specific SysOrb Server.

When adding or modifying node information the following are used to specify how the node will behave and when it will check in:

Apart from these options it is also possible to define how the score of a node should be modified by how different checks turn out. This is done through the Score system as described in Section 1.3. The signed values defined in the options below are added to the score of the host/node when a check succeeds or fails.

Note: The above values for the node warning and alert levels are aligned with how the checks modify the node's score and their default values are reasonable. If you decide to change these values make sure you consider the new values carefully since incorrect values may result in too many or too few warnings and alerts. See Section 1.3 for more information on how scores work.

The page can also contain a button to release the key, that the server holds for the SysOrb Agent. This key is negotiated when the SysOrb Agent contacts the SysOrb Server for the first time, so it can be used to authorize the agent the next time it checks in. If the agent is reinstalled and has lost its key it is necessary to release the key, in order for the SysOrb Server to allow the Agent without providing a key. It it also necessary to release the key, if you have deinstalled the SysOrb Agent from a host, and you wish to move the SysOrb Agent license to another host.

4.1. Monitoring a New Node

Before you can begin monitoring using either AgentCheck, NetChecks or snmpChecks, you create a node in SysOrb by following these steps: